Reset riemann sum sensor to zero (created via helper) (trying to clean up HA install, not trying to set up a utility meter)

tl;dr - I just want to reset my HA installation to be fresh and clean, without losing any of my configuration. This post is not asking about how to track usage month over month (etc).

I have 6 Riemann sum integral sensors that I’ve created via the Helpers page. I would like to reset these sensors back to 0.

I have already tried deleting my home-assistant_v2.db file, and for some reason these sensors are still showing values >0.

Note: I have tried searching for this answer in the forums as well as on Reddit and haven’t found anything. Every post I have found where someone asks the same or similar question, it’s because they are trying to set up a utility meter, and not because they actually want to reset the sensor value.