Reset timer if PIR triggers again

I’m quit new with HA.
I did make a flow triggered by a PIr switching light on for 3 minutes using the timeouttrigger to switch of after this 3 minutes.
This is working fine.
But if there is a new trigger, the timeoutrigger isn’t reset again to count from zero.
But goes on with the first timer
How to create a flow resetting a timer after every trigger of the PIR?

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I did found out how to:

Im using a slightly different setup. Im emplying the “stoptimer” node or the “mytimeout” node. They both enable you to reset the timer on any new value that is sent, or even cancel, start, stop etc. the timer when you send a specific payload.

I changed my setup with yours, because you need less node tiles

I think you can also use the existing Trigger node, setting the initial Send message as “nothing”, Delay as 3mins, and ticking “extend delay if new message arrives”