Resetting Administrator Password

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to reset the administrator password to my HA instance, but the problem is im not sure of the username. I tried the regular reset password command in the console of my VM, but none of the usernames I would have used appear to exist. I found a guide that told me some files to delete to start the process of making an account again, but im not sure how to get to those files to delete them.

I host it on a windows PC, in VirtualBox. Whenever I try to locate any files I just run into a VDI, which can only be run in VirtualBox and I can’t seem to get to any files.

I was able to find one of my logins but it doesn’t have administrator access.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!!

Not sure if it’s admin-only, but I can see the defined users going to Settings-People-Users