Resetting zigbee device after battery change

I had a couple of zigbee devices go ‘unavailable’ due to low battery strength. I replaced the battery but the devices are still unavailable. Is there anything I can do short of removing and re-pairing the device to make it available again ?

I waited a couple hours but the devices did not come back online by themselves. I ended up re-pairing them and they are fine now … surely there must be something easier than re-pairing when one does a battery change ???

I think with my Aqara sensors I also had to repair these after changing the batteries.

I think the entity ID and Area was picked up automatically from the registry though, I did not have to re-enter these details.

Yes, I didn’t have to enter new details (I did not remove the device first). Just had to go into pairing mode on the bridge and the device. Still a nuisance when all the info was there.

Is there a better way to do this ? - I have the problem with ikea motion sensor

Toady set availability setting as true in configuration zigbee file and after restart found 5 devices in offline status. After check:

  • two fail due to battery discharge, replace battery nothing change in HA, the devices still offline
  • three batteries fine, but the devices was not used long time

My questions:

  1. There are better way to auto repairing devices after replace batteries?
  2. Why my three not used devices with fine batteries become offline (aqara cube, remote controller for LED and door sensor)? Due to not set availability setting and not using the devices more than 1 month become automatically offline? After repairing and set availability should be OK for those 3 devices?