Resize and position my camera feed with browser_mod fire-dom-event (some help plzzzz)

Hello all,

I am trying to cast one of my camera using custom-iframe or iframe or any other card (whatever works it’s fine for me), however I am not able to wrap my head with css styles. I have tried a million things and I am not able to position or resize the iframe to a section of my screen (lovelace)
I am using browser_mod to popup the feed from the camera whenever I click the image (that is inside a picture elements card)

With this code, I can see my feed in the center of my screen whenever I press the image, however I would like to enlarge it a little bit and if possible also control it’s position (and not always in the center)
You can find here a screenshot of my UI, camera — ImgBB

Any help or tip would be greatly apreciated :slight_smile:

      - type: image
            entity: binary_sensor.kitchen_contactsensor
                action: fire-dom-event
                    command: popup
                    title: ' '
                    hide_header: true
                    auto_close: false
                        type: custom:mod-card
                            type: custom:custom-iframe