ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded error using Chrome


I just startet getting an error in homeassistant using Chrome.

myurl/states:0:0 ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded


myurl/states/group.varme_view:0:0 ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded

I am configurating floorplan at the moment, so I removed everything that had something to do with floorplan, but no change.

The error does not show when using firefox.

It starts when I am cycling trough my groups in the dashboard.
Have someone else starting to get this error or have a solution?

Running HassIO v.0.62.1

I’ve been getting it too the last couple of days - I’ve literally just changed frontend/javascript_version to es5 (was on auto) to see if that fixes it.

Thank you for your fast answer, but sadly, that did not fix it.

Yeah, hasn’t fixed it here either. :grinning:

But good someone else has experinced the same, hopefully it would be fixed soon.

Same here:
https://aaabbb.ccc/states:0:0 ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded

Version 0.62.1, frontend javascript version: latest

Same issue here…

ok, will make issue report tomorrow if no one else does it.

Issue on GitHub, please support the report with ur configs/tracebacks

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: