Resolve/combine multiple energy sources in Energy Dashboard

Right now, if I have multiple integrations measuring the same power consumption data, if I reference them all in the energy dashboard, the data is summed. I’d prefer if there were alternate options to combine or resolve the data, like using a source as a fallback when a primary sensor lacks data, or decide which data to use based on the age.

Specifically, it’d be fantastic to be able to combine usage from Opower AND data from my solar generation in the energy dashboard
Opower isn’t real-time, and its history goes back much farther than my solar generation’s history, so it’d be great if I could have the energy dashboard use the real time solar data until opower gets its info, display Opower data for historical comparisons, or only use opower data for time/date ranges where the data from my solar system wasn’t available.

This would likely be helpful for anyone who has to migrate from one integration/device to another so they don’t lose historic data just because they changed brands or sensors.

Finally, if we could keep both data sets without it being summed, it would be tremendously useful to see if various sensors are in agreement on the amount of energy used.

I’m personally using Opower statistics in the energy dashboard, and in a separate custom dashboard I’m tracking all the energy metrics I’m interested in for the past few days. One of my statistics-graph there is the following that I’m mainly using it to make sure the production and consumption I’m measuring matches what my utility reports.

I agree with this feature request. Input energy sources should be able to combined in more flexible ways than summing them.

I had the same questions about the current behavior.

Just a bump in here after realizing another difficulty with the status quo-
Opower has one statistic that provides a net power consumption value over some time window.
There’s no explicit sensor for power returned to grid, which is also a bit annoying, since I can’t see it separately with the more granular data from my solar system without trashing the energy panel’s information.