Energy Dashboard consumption with Sense and Opower

I’ve been using Sense with Home Assistant for a few years. I think it may predate the existence of the Energy Dashboard, and may have been added there automatically when the dashboard appeared.

I added my utility with the Opower integration when it recently became available. I found the instructions for adding Opower Electric and Gas to the Energy Dashboard.

It looks like the total consumption from Sense and Opower are now being added together in the Energy Dashboard. The daily usage figures aren’t quite the same, but close. This results in my energy usage effectively doubling. “Duh,” may be the response.


  1. Is this a case where I have to choose one sensor or another for total electric consumption?
  2. If I have to pick one or the other, do I just have to live with the limitations of Opower, such as its time-delayed information? (Here on Oct 8, I have Sense data for Oct 6 and 7, but no data from Opower yet for those days.)

This is a duplicate of Opower integration with solar generation, or other local electrical metering

  1. Yes you have to pick either Opower or Sense
  2. Yes if you pick Opower you won’t have data for the most recent couple of days

@jaharmi I put in this feature request: Resolve/combine multiple energy sources in Energy Dashboard