[resolved] I have a problem with beta 0.70.0b0

I Have a problem with beta 0.70.0b0

it remains as in the picture and only the panoramic page works, How do I solve?

I have this problem as well. It also does this when trying to load my FloorPlan pages.

I do not know what to do because I can not even restore the last backup

In the #beta channel on discord, there is a solution that works for everyone so far by adding /hassio/dashboard to the url.

i.e. http://[your_hassio_ip]:8123/hassio/dashboard

thanks, I solved, now I do a restore of the backup

I restored backup but unable to reach the website now. I can ssh and access samba. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated…

I also got tons and tons of errors, especially javascript errors. I downgraded to 0.69.1 again, but the errors remain :-/