[RESOLVED] Samba shares and SSH broken after installing DuckDNS add-on with Let's Encrypt

I installed DuckDNS with Let’s Encrypt, and after many trials and errors got that working. One part of that was to configure the base_url: setting to xxx.duckdns.org.

Since doing that I can no longer get to my Samba shares from my Mac, or SSH in to my Pi using hassio.local. I’m unsure what to try to access the Pi remotely now. Can anyone point me to documentation or provide some guidance on how to regain access?

I think I just got things working again, but I’m not sure exactly what the solution (or problem) was. I’m on the latest versions as of 2 days ago. Thankfully I could still access the front end, and even perform the latest Hass.io upgrade from that.

  • Uninstalled DuckDNS add-on
  • Uninstalled SSH
  • Uninstalled Samba
  • removed port forwarding
  • deleted the known_hosts file from my machine
  • rebooted Pi
  • started reinstalling add-ons
  • suddenly my Samba shares showed up and I can access them. added back other things I had removed.

I’m leaning toward problems somehow stored in my known_hosts file, as when I deleted that it seemed to resolve lot of scary SSH and browser “invalid certificate” errors I was seeing, as well as fixing SSH and Samba.

what are the know _hosts file?