[RESOLVED] Shelly Door Sensor incorrect temperature reading

I have a handful of Shelly Door Sensors that have been configured and working fine in HA until yesterday. I believe this lines up with the update to HA front-end, but my readings went from parsing as °F as they should be, to appearing to read as °C (but displaying as °F as I configured in HA) despite the values being provided by the door sensor as °F. Swapping this setting in HA gives me a ­°C reading that is based upon the low °F reading.

Images in this link: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

The house has been ~70° pretty consistently, but you can see in this screenshot it dropped to ~21° just after noon. (Imgur Graph - img1)

You can see the current sensor reading from the device itself:

Compared to what’s in the device in HA: (Imgur Screenshot img2)

HA version information: (Imgur Screenshot img3)
I’m at a loss as to what could have changed and/or how to fix this. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

It looks like this has been resolved with the last update to HA. I don’t have a link to the specific changelog/commit that fixed it, but all is well again.