Respeaker Core 2 both for voice assistant and radio stream?


I’m using SNIPS voice assistant in my home to interact with Home Assistant and so I have speakers in all rooms where SNIPS is avalaible. I’d like to take profit of these speakers already installed to be able to stream through it some internet radios.
My hardware for SNIPS is either Raspberry Pi 0W with Respeaker HAT 2 and also some Respeaker Core v2 in some other rooms.
Two questions about it (well three in fact…):
-> How to get HA to stream some radios through these devices ? I was thinking to use VLC in command line mode and control it from HA but VLC component is only working with local VLC instance :frowning:
-> Will it be a problem for SNIPS to hear all that music ? or will he be able to automatically cancel that “noise” ?
-> Are there some risks of conflict between SNIPS and radio player when SNIPS will want to speak and speakers are streaming a radio ?

Thanks for help and advices,