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The variable is_loop_for_key_up_held is a negated reflection of an end user assigned variable made available to the automation from the blueprint. I think you should check out the script syntax documentation for more information on the options that exist: Script Syntax - Home Assistant

This blueprint was defined using repeat until which will continue execution until that condition evaluates as true, so when the end-user wants looping the negation of “Hold for looping”, is false and that’ll keep going forever. It doesn’t though because of mode: restart. Never ending loops could do harm, so if you want to use this tact remember to use mode: restart and you might consider the following

until loop evaluates while the expression is false

until: "{{ false }}"


while loop evaluates while the expression is true

while: "{{ true }}"

These constructs should be semantically the same. Both need that script reset because hopefully the next button press restarts the script.