REST API docs for automations?

i’m developing my own HA web client, part of which includes creating automations.

i can’t find any API docs on the REST endpoint for doing so. inspecting the network requests from the existing automation editor in HASS UI shows that it’s a POST to /api/config/automation/config/<a_generated_id> with a JSON object as the payload.

i can work with that, but is there official documentation? is this api stable?

in fact i’d prefer to create automations via the websocket api, but when i query /api/services, the services available under the automations domain are reload/toggle/trigger/turn_off/turn_on . is there a service call available to create/edit an automation?

You mean something like this? I just did a quick Google search.

especially this.

i’m aware of those docs. what i’m asking for is specific API documentation about the automation domain and its services.

The REST API should be browseable at /api/. I am at work & cannot test right now.

thanks for the reply. hitting http://localhost:8123/api/ only returns an “api is running” message.

Did you find any doc for automations?

I did, let me know when you come online.

please share!