Rest_command getting the entire "data" as payload


I am trying to use the rest_command integration to send a POST request to an external server and I want to use the data contents as the payload.

I can find everywhere to construct the payload using attributes passed in using data but I basically want to take the whole data content and convert it to a JSON payload, but I can’t find any info on how to achieve this…

I want to pass run something like the following:

service: rest_command.e_script
  id: "1234"
    entity_id: "light.lounge_1"

Currently I can pull attributes and construct the payload in the configuration, then for the params at the endpoint do some JSON.parse and replace all single quotes with double quotes

    method: POST
    payload: '{ "id": "{{ id }}", "params": "{{ params }}" }'
    content_type:  'application/json; charset=utf-8'

But in reality I just the the data to be converted to JSON as-is and pass straight into payload… something like payload: {{ data }}
This will allow me to not have to pre-determine a payload schema and pull straight from the service call

And help would be great, thanks!