Rest Json filtering

Hello there,
I’ll trying to get my head around Rest filtering and failing.
I have a device that exposes it’s Json data ,It’s a DIY Air Quality Monitor WeatherDuino AQM Part of a cool system.
Anyway, I guess this is simple for someone who isn’t a fool, but I only want the Temp in C at this time reported in HA.

Here’s the outputted Json value from the Rest sensor as display on the Overview HA webpage.

{ “ID”: “AQM-2”, “T”: 159, “H”: 415, “PM1_0”: 0, “PM2_5”: 6, “PM10_0”: 8, “AQI”: 30, “CO2”: 728 }

The temperature value is “T” and is actually 15.9 C in the Output above.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The 2 important fields for your rest sensor will be:

value_template: "{{ value_json.T | float / 10 }}"
unit_of_measurement: °C

Thanks Petro, that’s working exactly! And now it makes more sense of what needs to happen.
Thanks again!