Rest platform scan_interval

I’m using an API by to retrieve moon rise/set info. Usage is free to a point, but without a paid subscription, one is cut off if too many requests are received. I’m only interested in the above data, so I set the scan_interval to 43200, twice a day. Hitting the limit should not be a problem, but I am being cutoff everyday. My ipgeolocation dashboard shows 1380 requests yesterday. Not sure why. Here is my code:

- platform: rest
  scan_interval: 43200
  force_update: false
  resource: !secret ipgeolocation_astronomy_resource
  name: astronomy_api
  value_template: >
    {{ value_json.moonrise }}
    - date
    - current_time
    - sunrise
    - sunset
    - solar_noon
    - day_length
    - sun_altitude
    - sun_distance
    - sun_azimuth
    - moonrise
    - moonset
    - moon_altitude
    - moon_distance
    - moon_azimuth
    - moon_parallactic_angle

What gives?