Rest question from newbe


I am having a question about rest/restcommand.

I do have an iPhone which sends lat/lon information.

That lat/lon information I want to use for getting the address where the iPhone is, using"
(I know the string what comes is > 255, but with value_template that is to handle)

Therefor I see two option:

  1. make a rest-sensor, but that needs the resource to accept templates to get the correct XX and YY
  2. make a rest command, but then I need to catch the outcome of the command in one or else way.

As far as I can find none seems to work: no template in the resource info for the sensor nor catching the answer from the command.

Did I search not good enough, or am I really kind of stuck?


Then see further down the doc for extracting values from long responses:

Thanks a lot, again! I oversaw the resource_template, sorry!

And the other way: reading the result of a rest_command? Would be a bit easier, because than it can be triggerd only after a change and not over a fixed time.
It can be done by taking a very long fixed time and then by

- service: homeassistant.update_entity

but I would like the other one better.