Rest sensor issue

Started getting an error:

2022-11-10 08:27:14.607 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.config] Package covidsensors setup failed. Integration rest cannot be merged. Expected a dict. (See /config/packages/covidsensors.yaml:0). 

This seems to be a result of this

Adjust rest schema validation.

This is the yaml code

  - scan_interval: 3600
    timeout: 60
      - name: Coronavirus Active Cases World
        value_template: '{{["Active Cases"] }}'
        unit_of_measurement: people 
          - data
      - name: Coronavirus Recovered Cases World
        value_template: '{{["Total Recovered"] }}'
        unit_of_measurement: people 
      - name: Coronavirus Confirmed Cases World
        value_template: '{{["Total Cases"] }}'
        unit_of_measurement: people 
      - name: Coronavirus Deaths World
        value_template: '{{["Total Deaths"] }}'
        unit_of_measurement: people 

Why is this failing and how do fix it?

Same here, just decided to do a restart due to a small change to an unrelated entity.

Changed to 2022.11.2 last evening, so first restart since upgrade. Related ???

Yeah first restart for me too. I ended up restarting the container as a normal restart failed. Turns out there is an issue and a PR to fix this. There was a PR in 2022.11.2 that broke it. Just need to wait for the fix to be merged.

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My rest sensors (based on a utility-meter) also broke.
hopefully it will be fixed soon.

br Ronni

Do you have any reference to the issue that is causing this issue and needs to be fixed, please

(I’m really glad I found your post as I could just not see how to code up a rest: sensor with out getting the “Component rest cannot be merged. Expected a dict”
I’d like to track when its fixed and I can return to this work)

Fix is merged so should be in 2022.11.3 I think

Thankyou David
I’m 2022.11.2 so will await 2022.11.3 with interest. I do hope Rest: works as I hope as I’m doing something fairly complex with PUT, Bearer tokens and refresh intervals (as required by the API supplier)

2022.11.3 has been released

I count four fixes related to REST
I’d list them here but it’s too hard from an iPad.

Has anyone been able to test 2022.11.3
Does it fix the REST: sensor definition issues?
(I’m away and can’t do anything with HA till I get home, sorry)

Yes mine is working again after the update

So is mine! :slight_smile:
so one week without energy monitoring is finally over - and now i can see how expensive energy is again :smile:

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