Restart AppDaemon app (from within AppDaemon app)

hi all,

I’m wondering if it is possible to restart an AppDaemon app from within an AppDaemon app.
I’m using an AppDaemon python script (running on a Synology Nas) communicating via modbus to 14 Arduino’s. This works fine but once in a while (~once per 3 to 7 days) I loose communication to one of the Arduino’s. Everytime a different one so difficult to pinpoint the rootcause.

Restarting AppDaemon solves the problem. I would like to automatically restart the AppDaemon app (or AppDaemon completely) to prevent a manual restart of AppDaemon. Is this possible? I couldn’t find it by googling…



I don’t know about how the Synology works, but with Docker you can say, “restart: always”. If you can do that with your NAS, maybe you could try sys.exit() or try signaling appdaemon - os.kill(<pid>, signal.SIGTERM). Though you’d have to figure out the pid for the main process. Just a thought.

The method you want is restart_app e.g. - self.restart_app("lights_app")

You would also need to know when to restart the app. If an error or message is being reported in a log you can add a watchdog app that listens to that particular log and receives a callback when something is written to it.
So you might do something like:

class watchdog(hass.Hass):
    def initialize(self):
        self.listen_log(self.restart_my_app, log="error_log")

    def restart_my_app(self, app_name, ts, level, log_type, message, kwargs):
        # check the message here and if appropriate

Just an FYI - the appdaemon documentation (which is searchable) is here - You can search for “restart_app” and “listen_log” to get more details on the calls.

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thx! this was what I was looking for

You’re welcome.