Restart fails


Home Assistant 2023.6.2
Supervisor 2023.06.2
Operating System 10.2
Frontend-versie: 20230608.0 - latest
On pi 4.

When trying to restart from development tools I get this:

Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 10.49.26

before that I got this:

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 09.17.19

I have my HA instance set to restart every night. The last two versions (20123.6.x) sometimes cause a freeze when a restart is scheduled. CPU spikes after the scheduled restart time for about an hour or two and then system halts.

Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 10.51.23

Any idea whats going on?

Note: Logs reveal nothing.

Never mind. I’ve ditched version 6.