Restart HA without restart zwave

I would like to see the ability to restart Homeassistant without having to have zwave restart. Whenever homeassistant restarts openzwave restarts as well. This is a slow process and I believe doing this several times in a row has caused some corruption in my zwave devices which takes a significant amount of time to cleanup. Being able to restart homeassistant to get new devices discovered, new proximity settings changes, new components added without having to wait for zwave to stop and restart repeatedly would make the process quicker and would prevent possible corruption from the zwave network bouncing up and down repeatedly.

Wish I could vote 100 times on this.

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That would be neat!

A bunch of times when I restart Home Assistant my zwave entities won’t come back, they dont event show up in the Zwave node dropdown. Need to troubleshoot alot an stop and start zwave network again. Coming from Homeseer where Zwave was more or less troublefree this Zwave in Home Assistant is a pain.

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Understood. zwave is very complex the way it works. That’s not an excuse, just a statement of fact. I’ve been working with someone trying to troubleshoot some problems we believe are coming from open-zwave and it is cryptic to say the least. I will say this, it is LOADS better than it was even a year ago. Just out of curiosity, how often are you having to restart homeassistant? I tend to stay up with the current releases. I tend to wait till a .2 release is out (0.91.2) for example which is usually about a week after the initial release. When I do that I obviously have to restart HA. I used to always have to restart 4 or 5 times with each release. Now it’s rare that I have to restart twice, unless I’m adding something new :slight_smile: .

Since you still have to restart HA every time you add a new sensor, a new input, a new custom component, upgrade HACS etc. etc. at least until everything is more or less 100% complete, it is not uncommon to restart HA several times a day.
Now, I don’t know how integrated the zwave-stack is in HA core, but it should be possible to restart HA without restarting z-wave.
And even decoupling more of the elements like it has been done with groups, automations and scripts, so you can add new sensors or reload custom components without a full restart would help a lot.

There’s been some progress in the new python-openzwave for openzwave1.6 that would let it run as a separate service, so the zwave mesh doesn’t have to restart when HA restarts. It won’t be supported initially when the HA component moves to 1.6, but it’s definitely something I want to adopt.