Restart when no network connection

Hey guys and girls, I have an issue with on raspberry pi 3. Every couple of days it will become unresponsive (can’t login, can’t ssh, not seen on network at all) the only way to fix this is to reboot the pi.

I’m camping for a week at the moment and it’s dropped out so I can’t check cameras or my automations are not working, so my question is, is there a way to reboot the pi when it detects there is no network connection? It’s plugged in with Lan if that helps!


Not sure if there is a more elegant way, but you could setup this up with a fairly simple automation.

For example, setup a few reliable (at least 3) sources to ping against and when all have gone from home to not_home execute hassio.host_reboot

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It shouldn’t be doing that. This is most likely an SD-Card issue or if that doesn’t fix it it’s probably power. I had the same thing happening but since switching to a Samsung EVO Plus 32gb has not happened - totally stable.

Hmm I’ll try a new card when home… Power is the raspberry pi one that came with the pi so shouldn’t be that.
Thanks guys