Restart with systemd hangs


i have set up HASS with systemd on Debian 8 on an AMD64 box, like shown in the config, and now i have a problem with restarting or stopping it. When i enter the systemctl restart homeassistant command, the command never returns. Executing journalctl in another screen window shows a message from systemd like “Homeassistant has begun shutting down”, but after that, HASS outputs more and more lines that show that it is just working normally as if it didn’t get the shutdown command.
I suppose it has to do something with the --runner CLI flag, but i have noticed that, if i omit this flag, HASS stops right after i enter the systemd start command. So, has anyone set up HASS with systemd on debian and it is behaving correctly there? If yes (which is what i’m supposing), can you say where my mistake is?