Restarting HASS installed through the all in one installer


Despite being a software developer and a daily MBP user my comfort levels with Unix is low low low. I’m setting up my first HASS system and obviously it’s very much trial and error.

I know I can restart HASS through the UI, but if my config is so bad that HASS fails to start back up, how do I tell it to start again once I’ve fixed the config issues in cat /home/hass/home-assistant.log?

I am on raspberry pi, I ssh into HA and restart using command line.

Looks like you are on Windows if that’s your folder locations? I think you open command prompt, and type “py -m homeassistant”

I’m on a pi, that’s the default location after using the AIO installer. I feel like I’m using a flamethrower to start a match - the only solution I’ve worked out is a sudo reboot

Oh. Just type hass

That starts mine. Also nice to have the console still open to watch it live as it boots to see any errors as you go.

The command i use : sudo hass --config /root/.homeassistant/

maybe it works for you :smiley:

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If you want to properly restart hass:

sudo systemctl restart home-assistant

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For some reason I didn’t think that would work with it running under its own account instead of pi. Will check next time I kill it with bad config, thanks

you can always add a sudo NOPASSWD line in /etc/sudoers giving that user the right to do that w/o a password. You can even specify that its the ONLY command he can sudo.