Restarting Home Assistant Host Causes Some Zigbee Devices to go Offline

Whenever I restart my Home Assistant host via “Supervisor” —> “System” → “Host” —> “Shutdown Host” (or “Reboot Host”) some of my Zigbee devices stay offline until I remove the and re-insert batteries from each of them. Some devices are the exact same model and one will be offline while another is online.

I’m using the ZHA integration with the husbzb-1 stick and when I do shut down the host I’ve tried powering off the PI completely so that the stick itself powers off and back on. No luck and same results. Is this expected behavior?

Most of these devices are SmartThings branded (CentraLite) motion and open/close sensors of various models (3326-L, 3325-S, etc.).

Some devices require something to happen (motion detect, temp change, sensor toggle… or battery change) to wake them up and let their presence be known.

Thank you for the reply. I did try walking past the motion sensors and opening and closing doors but none of that activity caused any of the sensors to wake.

They won’t come back online unless the battery is removed and re-inserted, and once I do that they are instantly available again. I thought it was something unique to the SmartThings sensors, but it also happened to a Tradfri repeater too (Mains powered) which had to be unplugged for a second before coming back online.

Some of my Aqara stuff (motion and vibration sensors, send out a status once per hour if there is nothing else going on. I had to put my patience hat on to keep from pulling my remaining hair out until I figured that one out.

Ah, thanks Dixey. That might explain it. Next time, I’ll just try leaving things be for a bit.

I might be experiencing this also with my 3326-L and 3320-L sensors. Incredibly frustrating. Can’t quite tell if they’re going offline as a result of system reboot or not. They’re showing as “seen” in the entity view, but they aren’t reporting any values.

and the Zigbee visualization shows it as not connected to anything.