Restarting Home Assistant

How do I restart Home Assistant without pulling it off, I’ve been on my 5th SD card now (and that’s my last)

Now with the 5th sdcard i can choose services HomeAssistant Restart.


depending on your service name, you can also use

sudo systemctl restart home-assistant@home-assistant

** the service name may change, so verify in /etc/systemd/system/

You can also reboot the entire pi using sudo shutdown -r now

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Thanks Bahnburner

If you’re going through SD cards then one of the following is true:

  • You’re buying low quality SD cards
  • Your power supply is underpowered
  • You’re writing a lot more than everybody else, and burning them out

Most likely it’ll be one of the first 2, and the power supply is the most common cause.

No i just have seen that i can rewrite an image on 4 of the 5 just 1 died. The others only became corrupted. I hope since i now can give a software reboot that i don’t have to power off the Raspberry to reboot.
But of course SD cards cannot be written so much as a conventional harddisk i am affraid after a few months the SD card should be killed. I hope there should be an image for Synology soon (as it have a normal harddisk).

Sounds like #2 - an underperforming power supply. Whatever it claims to be outputting, sounds like it’s not really 2A at 5V sustained. Whenever you get corrupted cards that can be reformatted, it’s a power supply problem.

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I have a lot of power supplies here, (as i am electrician) i have used a power supply with the thickest and shortest cable. Measured (Raspberry pi3 connected and active 5,1 volt just at the mini usb connector.

I have RPi3 and I boot minne from USB drive, I don’t have any SD card in mu RPi.
Maybe that could be something?

Aha, I dit not have a corrupted SD card the last 2 days but when it occurs i should change to an Usb Stick.