RESTful Switch - Shelly 2.5 - toggle switch

Hello, I’m looking to use my Shelly 2.5 on a normal on/off switch to control lights. Right now it if the switch is off(down), and I turn the light on with HA, I’d have to turn the physical switch on(up) then off(down) to turn the light off. I’d like to use the current state of the light to determine the on/off direction. "if the light is on and the switch is down then up is off… "

Here is what I have now. I’m sorry, I’m new to this, and really appreciate the help.


  • platform: rest
    name: “Kitchen Peninsula Light”
    scan_interval: 5
    body_on: ‘turn=on’
    body_off: ‘turn=off’
    is_on_template: ‘{{ value_json.ison == true}}’
    content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

You need to edit a local setting on the Shelly device to fix that.

Settings > Button Type

Change to ‘Edge Switch’