RESTful switch which assumes successful state changes but doesn't check

I have a switch where I have the ability to turn it on or off via a POST HTTP call at a specific endpoint but I have no way to determine its current state at that endpoint (or any other endpoint for that matter). I would like to make this into a RESTful switch anyway so I can make use of all the OOTB infrastructure around switches (inclusion in scenes, works with switch.turn_on/turn_off, inclusion with other switches in a group that can then be acted on, etc.)

But the problem is without the ability to make a GET call to determine the current state I can’t make a RESTful switch or I just get a lot of errors. I would like RESTful switch to behave similar to Telnet Switch where if a way to get current state is not provided I can still have a switch that just assumes successful state changes.

Obviously it would be better if the integration supported getting the state but sadly its pretty poor service so this is the best available.