Restore a full backup (help)

i cannot restore a backup anymore
i had an error so i tried to restore a file, i used the latest backup and also an backup for 2month ago
but also a backup from a different soures ( on my NAS)
i also bought a new SD card in my PI4 and made a new image on it ,
Home Assistant 2023.2.0
Supervisor 2023.01.1
Operating System 9.5
Frontend 20230201.0 - latest

but from all tests i could not restore a file
I did ones restore a file ( a half year ago, and that worked)
But now when i go to SETTINGS>SYSTEM>BACKUP select the file to restore select restore

i installed Operating System 9.5 also, does someone has the same problem or running also OS9.5 without any problem ( you can restore file)

after an update to Assistant 2023.2.2, it is working again