Restore Backup causes issues in Zigbee2MQTT

Hi all,

How to recover from below after a restore of a backup?

[2024-06-26 23:31:46] error: 	zh:adapter:zstack:manager: Configuration is not consistent with adapter state/backup!
[2024-06-26 23:31:46] error: 	zh:adapter:zstack:manager: - PAN ID: configured=6754, adapter=64766
[2024-06-26 23:31:47] error: 	zh:adapter:zstack:manager: - Extended PAN ID: configured=00124b0021cc4ad5, adapter=43e6029a26e32dc8
[2024-06-26 23:31:47] error: 	zh:adapter:zstack:manager: - Network Key: configured=01030507090b0d0f00020406080a0c0d, adapter=074e1560e12841b4ef974270d31ce1d7
[2024-06-26 23:31:47] error: 	zh:adapter:zstack:manager: - Channel List: configured=11, adapter=11
[2024-06-26 23:31:47] error: 	zh:adapter:zstack:manager: Please update configuration to prevent further issues.


In my \share folder, I just see the coordinator_backup.json file, but not the coordinator.json file. Not sure if that even should exist.

Would like to be able to set the configuration back to the backup info, so I don’t have to rebind all devices.

Or would it be an option to rename backup file to something else so z2mm thinks it needs to start fresh and then copy paste the devices config from those backup files into the new ones?

I don’t use ZHA, but couldn’t you create the coordinator.json file and paste in the contents of the backup file?

I’ve gone back through backups but such a file has never existed…

@Koenkk, would you be able to shine your light? I have no idea where to update these values…

(hate to pull you in directly like this, but blocked at the moment)