Restore backup: no link and no possibility in backup menu

I have read many threads here, but the explained methods do not work.

  1. Restore on fresh installation

There is no link for me to upload anything or restore anything like in other videos shown.

  1. Restore from backup-menu

There is no button in the upper right corner to upload anything. If I upload via ssh, the backup file is visible, but also there is no chance to start a restore process.

How do I restore my backup of the homeassistant instance?

One easy way - Install the samba addin and start it. That will give you access to the backup share over SMB/CIFS. Connect to the share and upload the Tar file to the backup share…

Then you should see the backup available to restore in the restore tool.

Option 2
I know you can add network storage for backup purposes but I cant remember of you can add those same network storage locations (a SMB/CIFS share on another machine) and restore from them. It’s easy enough to do and if it doesn’t offer to let you restore then go the route above.

Many thanks for the answer!

I can upload the backup files and I also see them. I copied them via SSH and set the permissions. I did this before writing my first post and then I started from scratch as I was not able to restore.

After uploading the files, I see this:

But there is still no option to “use” this file and restore the backup. I understood there should be an option in the upper right corner, but there is none. The smaller filer in the picture is a backup of the new fresh instance I did yesterday.

I use the docker container by the way.

Oof installation types that do not include supervisor don’t have the restore tool (restore is a function of supervisor)

If you’re restoring a non supervisor install like core or container… You have to copy the entire contents of the original installation /configuration folder (including ALL hidden and system files and subfolders) by hand.