Restore Bitwarden from files


Recently my suddenly stop working (does not start, no logs…).
I haven’t a full snapshot but I can access to files from the SD card, so based on a partial snapshot and retrieved files I successfully start a new instance on a new SD card.
My last point is my Bitwarden vault. I get files (sqlite, config…) from the SD card plus addons.json but I don’t find a way to restore those…
I have tried to just copy paste files but it’s does not work, I got this warning:
21-12-09 12:07:47 WARNING (MainThread) [] Can't read /data/addons/local/data/a0d7b954_bitwarden/config.json: Invalid Add-on config!. Got {'domain': 'https://myip', 'disable_icon_download': False, 'signups_allowed': False, 'signups_verify': True, 'signups_verify_resend_time': 3600, 'signups_verify_resend_limit': 3, 'invitations_allowed': False, 'password_iterations': 100000, 'show_password_hint': False, 'admin_token': 'mytoken', 'invitation_org_name': 'MyOrg', 'ip_header': 'X-Real-IP', 'icon_cache_ttl': 2592000, 'icon_cache_negttl': 25920...
Do you know a way to manually restore Bitwarden from files ?