Restore doesn't configure wifi during assisted install on RPi4

Hi All

I’m struggling to use the inbuilt backup/restore method to enable me to move my HA installation from the current sdcard to a usb attached ssd. The usb attached ssd has a known fully compatible usb to sata controller chip and has previously been working as a ssd based RPiOS desktop build.

Hardware: RPi4B, initially with sdcard, wanting to transfer to ssd
Home Assistant 2023.8.4
Supervisor 2023.08.1
Operating System 10.5
Frontend 20230802.1 - latest
Network: Lan and hidden ssd wifi

Some general background, the hidden ssid network connection allows the HA box to access devices that aren’t connected to and air-gapped from the main house network.

With a fully configured HA created and running perfectly on internal sdcard (full access to cards / automations / both Lan and hidden ssid wifi)

Create running HA full backup:

  • Create full system backup via HA /system/backup
  • Download full system backup to local desktop
  • Clean shutdown of original HA sdcard
  • Power off RPi4
  • Remove sdcard

Restore previous full system backup to new HA build:

  • Download the latest HA image for RPi and flashed it to the usb ssd using Raspberry Pi’s Imager utility.
  • Connected freshly imaged usb ssd to RPi4
  • Powered on RPi4
  • Performed assisted install and selected restore from backup
  • Uploaded full system backup previous taken above
  • Wait for HA to become available again
  • Login to HA with original username and password

Everything has been restored EXCEPT for the wifi configuration?

What am I doing wrong, or what additional steps have to be added to ensure the hidden ssid wifi network configuration is fully restored?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts…