Restore during setup fail(?)

I am thinking about disaster recovery. I have a spare RPi that I am going to keep for emergency should my active one fail.

I imaged an SD card with the latest version of HA (the same version as running on the live PI), powered off the live PI and fired up the spare. When I got to the initial screen I chose “RESTORE FROM BACKUP”. I selected the latest full backup and let it install. When finished I rebooted the new machine and had a look around.

The most glaring problem was that no add-ons had been installed. My question is “is this correct and if not i.e. it is meant to install everything, why didn’t it?” The backup was a “full backup”.


You’ve faced an issue with add-ons not being installed when restoring from a full backup on your spare RPi. In general; full backups should include all configurations and add-ons. Double-check compatibility, backup integrity, and configuration settings to ensure everything . If the issue exist; you can contact Home Assistant community for further help.