Restore failed

Big trouble
I upgraded to 0.80 but that broke my alarm (known issue), so I tried to do a restore to 0.79.3.

In 0.79.3 automations were not loaded. I was able to do a manual load of the automations, but after a couple of hours all automation were lost again.

I have upgraded to 0.80.1 but the issue with automations is the same. I the log I have a lot of these “(sqlite3.DatabaseError) database disk image is malformed” and ind the logbook and history are empty.
Any suggestions on what to do will be greatly appreciated

I’m running Hassio

Im guessing that you use the SQLite DB for your recorder database? It sounds like it might have become corrupt as part of whatever has happened. Although if you did a full restore I would have expect that to be restored too but I could be wrong with that. I’m sure I read that you can remove the DB and it gets recreated on the next restart but I moved over to using the MariaDB addon as my datastore as it was faster and I could access the data externally to the Hassio node easier, so its been a little while since I used the SQLite and could be mis-remembering.

If you have access to the system via SSH/samba you could always try renaming the .DB in your config directory and restart, if it fails you can just rename it back and restart again.

You would of course lose any history, which is the downside. Others may know of a fix without that downside.

Database issues= delete database. Yes you lose history.

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I renamed the .db and the log file. I seems to have fixed both problems (and as a bonus the ui is responding much faster). The db was 1.6GB - is that too much? Thank you.

that’s quite a size for SQLite, did your reloads take quite a while by any chance? I moved mine to MariaDB when it was only about 100MB might be worth considering.

Restart took 3-4 min.