Restore from backup - HomeAssistant Container

The ability to create backups in HomeAssistant Container was added in a recent home-assistant update. This is wonderful news! However, it isn’t clear how to restore from that backup.

I recently attempted to do so, and unfortunately none of my integrations and related configuration details transferred over. (mqtt, zwave-js, and hue) I did find instructions for HomeAssistantOS here Common Tasks - Operating System - Home Assistant, but those do not work for HomeAssistant Container.

Is there a recommended way to restore from backup for HomeAssistant Container? Or is there a way to ensure I am also backing up and restoring the integrations I’m using?

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Same here. Came unstuck when trying to restore a backup when moving my existing config to a TruNAS Scale HA App. Clicking on the backup in the Backups panel does nothing.

I am also hoping to restore from backup. How can I do this?

Go to:

  • Settings
  • System
  • Backups
  • Click on the backup you want to restore (you have to click on the text - do not tick the box)

Now you should see a pop-up asking you what parts of the backup you want to restore

I have the same question. The above post from @Frank_Beetz suggests that the backup file in the UI is clickable, but mine is not.
I wish to save a backup, reinstall on a new setup, then restore the backup. The new system won’t know about the old backup file until I… restore it somehow.
I can’t tell if this feature just doesn’t exist yet.
The docs say:

The Backup integration allow you to create and download backups for your Home Assistant Core and Home Assistant Container installations. This backup file can be used if you migrate to Home Assistant Operating System.

Does that mean it can ONLY be used if you use the HA OS?
I’m not using that, so I wonder if this is useful at all for a Docker container setup…
Has anyone got experience doing this?

Yes I have done complete new installs using a backup when I went from VirtualBox to VMware.
The new systems “knows” about the old backup file if you put it in the right directory.

If you have access to your HA directory and file structure.
If you go to the HA root directory you should see

Click on backup and copy the file you want to restore.

Re-install your HA setup - go the backup folder and - move the previously copied file to the folder - now you can go the GUI and select it.