Restore from local backup takes a long time to complete

A few months ago, I did a full restore from a backup (~170MB) taken from my Pi4 with 256GB SSD, to a HP T630 thin client (with 512GB SSD). I wanted to test the performance difference, and look for any compatibility issues. The restore worked flawlessly, and was completed in a few minutes. This was just a temporary solution, as I wanted to moved hardware and cabinets around, so went back to my Pi4 till now.
I did a new HAOS build to the T630 SSD, and attempted the restore (also ~170MB) yesterday. The restore seemed to not do anything, but I patiently waited, and after a few hours, the restore completed. I thought I would try this all again, once updated to 2023.7.0, and I can say that this restore also took many hours to complete. I have had the same restore experience from the initial user setup screen, or setting up a user and doing the restore from the UI.
The moral of this post, is that I feel some widget might be a bit broken, and to have some patience when doing a restore, as it will complete eventually :crossed_fingers:

I am going to bet the thin client is substantially faster than the rpi and this is part of what you are seeing.

if you have any add-ons installed, then HAOS is also redownloading those stuff, how long it would take? well the depends how good your internet connection is. And there are times that downloading stuff over github and/or dockerhub (which majority of these addons are hosted anyway) are slow so.

Absolutely, it is much faster.

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