Restore Hassio snapshot in Home Assistant Supervised

I have an old snapshot from Hassio before it crasched.
Now I have made a clean installation of Home Assistant Supervised in a Docker.
Is there something I should think of before I transfer the snapshot to HA Supervised with Samba and run restore ?

It has been called Home Assistant OS since January 29, 2020. Please stop calling it Hassio. It confuses new users.

You should be good to just restore the snapshot. Assuming it is not from 632 days ago, when it really was Hassio. Then you could be in for a whole world of breaking changes hurt.

@tom_l I will stop calling it Hassio. The reson I did that is because I could indicate that it where an old snapshot. The snapshot is top one year old.
So I gues I will be good to go :grinning:

Well sort of. You are still going to have to deal with: