Restore historical Data from partial_backup | timescaledb / postgreSQL / ltss


unfortunately I have a problem with my HA.

During the last update I got a message that my timescaledb addon no longer has a setup file … briefly checked and re-integrated the github link under addons.

Now I was also shown that there is an update for timescaledb. (from version 1.1.6 to 4.0.1)
Without giving it much thought, I started the update.

In the logs I found out that it did not work due to an unsupported postgreSQL version.

I then tried to import a partial_backup. This also works and all historical data is visible again. but no new data is saved and there are various errors in the log for the recorder and ltss.

I have the partial_backup of timescaledb 1.1.6 locally, it is ~11gb in size.
Uninstalling timescaledb completely and reinstalling it works, then the current data is saved again.
But now all historical data is gone.

Is there a way to extract only the ltss data / energy data from the partial_backup and integrate it into the clean new installation?
Or is there a better way to get my HA stable again and keep the old historical data?