Restore Home Assistant OS Full Backup in Supervised Installation

Hi all,

I just recently switched from a Docker Installation on an RPi 3B to a Home Assistant OS Installation on an RPi 4. Now, as everything configured again, I’m experiencing network problems, like the RPi loosing it’s connection to the router or even killing the whole ethernet.
I’ve read about these problems on this forum in relation to Home Assistant OS and not being solved by now.
Since I want a stable installation I’m now thinking about switching to Home Assistant Supervised on a fresh Debian installation.
To save me the trouble of reconfiguring everything again, is it possible to restore a full backup of Home Assistant OS in Home Assistant Supervised?
Thanks for your help!

Regards Philipp

Yes - you won’t be restoring HA OS, just the config, add-ons and such.

If you need some help installing Supervised, have a read of this.