Restore large backup. backup file from other system not visible in gui


running HAOS in ProxMox.

Due to braking changes in nginx addon,

I decided to create a new machine on my ProxMox

After Initialization the new instance, I could not upload the (large 4GB) backup file over the html interface: timed out. Probably due to the size of the image

So next:

  • HA-backup of my production system “A”
  • create NEW HAOS instance in ProxMox: “B”
  • copy HA-backup file from old system “A” to new system “B” via Samba-addon and accessing both systems over a (windows) network drive
  • restore HA-backup on new system.

If I copy my file from “A” to “B”:

  • the file exists on the file system in the correct directory (see screenshot below)
  • but is not recognized in “B” as a backup file…

I already

  • rebooted “B” several times
  • chmod -x “backupfile.tar” on system “B” (as I noticed that a new backup made on B has no excecute rights)

still, the new backup file from “A” is not recognized in Home Assistant GUI on “B”:

So questions:

  • how create a fresh installation from a backup?
  • how to upload a large file in the gui (by drag & drop in the onboarding process) without time out
  • how to restore backup file from other system

I know I can create a ProxMox backup, but because another issue:

I want to do a restore by a regular HA backup/restore