Restore Lovelace dashboard title

Hi! I haven’t updated home assistant for a while, I just updated from version 0.97.2 to 2021.1.5, and I saw that the dashbard title in Lovelace disappeared.
Is there any way to put it back? I don’t like the small header, and also managing multiple home assistant instances I found it handy.

Pretty much everybody else wanted a small header and no title. Unlikely to be changed back.

I suggest you use a markdown card or similar in the first card position to carry a system name, and maybe some other system metrics.

You could also differentiate systems by applying different themes.

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Yes, I see, but to be honest I can’t understand why. I was hoping there was some hidden setting to put it back as it was before… I have to look at the source code and try to put it back myself.

Because it was wasted space.

Reason was that it wasted space for most users / use cases that could be put to better use for the actual cards. There a long discussions on GitHub (and I assume also here in the forums), so I won’t repeat all of that.

With the suggestions from @tom_l you can easily work around it. Changing the code locally feels overkill-ish to me :smile:.

It could have been make Optional: display the title if specified, don’t if not.

But, yeah, its easier to just break it, again

I agree, this would be nice. I made a name for my instance; I would prefer to see it.