Restore lovelace

Hi Team

I was wondering if someone can help me.
I recently had a Crash on My Home Assistant system. I Thought let me do a Restore as I always have backups…

What I have is the backup that get replicated to Google Drive, this Backup looks Something like this “0266798b.tar” I did a Restore but found that the last Months Backup is also not working , so i did a Partial restore that did work for the rest of my addons but for some reason the Lovelace Tabs and Menus was not restored and it was blank

Can i brows to that Unzip .tar and do the menus over by access the layout code and just re create it manually and if so where can I find that code so i can copy the code and just re create it.

My menu’s where very straight ffwd but would like to save time not doing the from scratch over