Restored from snapshot, all devices disappeared from Phoscon?


I had some trouble with my installation and had flash the image again and restore from snapshot. Everything was restored properly except Zigbee devices. I have a ConBee USB stick connected. I’m using the Hass.core add-on for deCONZ (

After starting the add-on and going to [localhost]:40850 I was greeted by the getting started dialogue in the Phoscon WebUI. Under the deCONZ integration under Configuration -> Integrations all devices are listed but have status “(entity unavailable)”.

I have NOT made a backup in the Phoscon WebUI (I only thought this was needed when switching hardware, not when restoring a snapshot).

Am I screwed? Must I re-pair every Zigbee device?

Try doing a partial restore of your hassio snapshot, specifically selecting the deconz add on, and rebooting. Hopefully the device pairing data is still on the stick.

Just as a note, I had the same issue here too and havent yet found a solution. With ZigBee the pairing data is stored in a file not on the stick.
I even tried a restore of a Phoscon (deconz generated) backup - same issue.
Looks like I am stuck repairing all the devices…