Restoring backup saves 14GB of disk space?

Hi everyone,

I’m running HAOS in proxmox, disk usage comes from lvs -a, all disk sizes are 32GB. Installation was done with script by tteck.

My production server (instance A) is now running out of disk space.

Now I did following:

  • my current instance A: 94,34% used = 30GB (including one full backup file)
  • I created a new instance B: 12.80% used = 4 GB
  • I copied the full backup file from A to B and restore it on B: 49,88% used = 16GB

So, I now have a fully working instance B that needs 14GB less disk space than my original instance A…!

For some reason, my Instance A needs that space for…? Syslogs? internal downloads? Other…?

Is there any way to clean up the underlaying OS?
(The above procedure is rather cumbersome to clean up some disk space)

kind regards,