Restoring entire installation, no progress indicator

After a cache pool failure on my unraid server, I needed to re-install HA from scratch and restore from a backup. The installation, using the latest qcow2 file, took much longer than typical. From the time I fired up the VM for the first time, it took a few hours before I could see the UI with the 20 minute notification, and I gave up on that and let it run overnight. This morning I woke to the configuration screen where I could choose a backup file to restore, which I did. The backup is under 500MB and it took a few hours to upload before it prompted me to restore the full snapshot.

This is where it gets confusing. After selecting Full restore and continuing, there is no indication that the restore process is actually happening. The dialog disappears and returns me to the initial configuration form for a new install, and I have no idea if the installation has been restored.

Is there anywhere I can go to confirm that the process is complete?


No, it’s horrible. i just went for a full restore, it doesn’t show any indication, and it just threw me back to the onboaring (create account) screen afterwards, no error message or anything.


Despite the fact that there’s no indication that there is a complete restore process running, the process does actually complete and the entire system does actually restore. It’s just not clear that it’s happening.

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Just running through the same restore process without any guidance on progress… As I undestand, these things happen in the background, but some progress indication (or at least a sign that something is happening) would be cool here, true.

I wonder if the “observer” (on port 4357) would be a suitable place for this feature, assuming it would be difficult to provide a progress from “within the normal system” (on port 8123)?


Just doing a restore (HassOS on SD card on raspi4) after some misconfiguration issues. Not connected to a screen, though. Seeing the login prompt after starting the restore without feedback. Observer just says everything is okay, no progress, really annoying.

My question: Will it reboot itself after the restore is finished or will I just have to guess and pull the plug at some point?