Restoring from an automatic core backup from an update, is it as simple as I think?

I updated core from 2023.5.4 to 2023.6.1, only to discover that some of my automation disappeared. I have a backup that was made automatically from the update (core_2023.5.4 backup). Can I simply restore from the back up to get back to 2023.5.4 and can expect the automations to be there?

Are there any potential issues that I should be aware of?

By the way, the disappearing automation is discussed here:

It has something to do with specific Z-Wave devices.


You don’t need to restore from a backup (see below). But yes that will replace your configuration and the core version.

The reason your automations disappeared is because you are using device triggers and actions. If any of those devices are unavailable your automations disappear until the devices return. Recover the devices and your automations will reappear. They are not gone, just unavailable.

If you want to stop this from happening then stop using device automations (highly recommended for other reasons too):

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Thank you, @tom_l. I will digest what you linked and give it a try. I appreciate it!