Restoring from full snapshot but Zwave and MQTT not working

my Hassio was on Proxmox. i took full snapshot of HA.
next, i booted a brand new install of Hassio on rpi4 with SSD. imported the snapshot in. sadly Zwave and MQTT devices are not showing up.
in hardware, i see:
so in my config.yaml, i have this:

  usb_path: /dev/ttyAMA0

that still did not fix after a reboot. any idea what i can try next to fix zwave?

most likely my MQTT is failing because the old ip was x.x.x.229 and now im on x.x.x.58, so i will fix that asap

well, i changed ip address and MQTT devices still down.
Operating System HassOS 5.6
Home Assistant Core 2020.12.0
currently running version 0.116.4

anyone have an idea or know a better way for me to migrate?