Restoring from snapshot on new Pi

My Pi died so I bought a new one, installed HA on and SSD and started my Pi.

On my TV connected to Pi I can see the login screen
I then went to homeassistant.local:8123 and got to the login screen and opted for restore from backup.
I downloaded my snapshot from google drive, browsed to it, a dialog came up saying restore everything, then a warning that it would overwrite. I clicked ok and got no further messages.

A minute later I got page unreachable cannot connect to server for HA.

Is something wrong or should I just wait, is it doing something?

Just wait. It took about 3 hours last time I did it on my NUC.

ok, so its possibly normally?

I am just worried how can it be putting my snapshot onto the pi if its saying it cannot access the pi now. I can still see it on the network. Will give it a while, the SSD and green ATC light are flashing away

It itself doesn’t need access the way you are trying to get access. It is running on the “background” and will restart the “frontend” as soon as it is ready. Then you can access it again. It might take longer or shorter then I experienced. Depending on the amount of data it has to restore.

It’s back! Thanks!

I was just worried when the docs said it would show a spinning wheel and say restoring.

All seems good thanks!